Our Story

OffChance was born out of necessity and resilience. We started in 2017 with a small retail store in Houston, TX. Our growth was rapid—perhaps too rapid. We made mistakes, faced challenges, and realized we needed a community and guidance we didn't have. Through tough lessons and perseverance, we understood the importance of having resources and support for this unconventional journey.

The COVID-19 pandemic tested our limits, but we survived. The aftermath, however, left us with numerous projects and not enough time to execute them well. This challenge led to the creation of OffChance—a solution for the businesses we developed. We established a centralized back office and appointed operators for each brand, ensuring every business receives the attention and focus needed for sustainable growth.

With this template, we aim to create, grow, and acquire more unconventional endeavors, making the world a more interesting place. OffChance is not just a business; it's a community and a resource for those daring enough to take the unconventional path. Join us as we continue to build and share the blueprint for success in the world of unique and innovative brands.